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Jun 30, 2016

July 4th Weekend Sale and More

Starting tomorrow (hint: could be earlier or possibly a bit later, depending on when the bots get off their tiny digital butts to make their price adjustments), we are having a sale through the July 4th weekend.

0.99 USD, GBP, and Euro at various vendors (see below for links). For other currencies, some conversion (that may look all weird but should be equivalent to the 0.99 price point) will occur.

 Primary Fault, 
Book 1 of the Schattenreich*

Shaky Ground, 
Book 2 of the Schattenreich

Amazon worldwide
Kobo (through July 10th)

 *Where's the Primary Fault link for Kobo? you might ask. A separate promo will run, starting next week, on Primary Fault. Stay tuned for details.

photo credit: Stillwater OK Fireworks-4 via photopin (license)