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Oct 10, 2010

Meeting Prague

Arrived today in Prague for a four-day stay - my second trip as 'just spouse' and this time with an accompanying teenager.

Prague is a lovely city, a completely chaotic mix of old world, new world - complete with KFC, TGIF, and the same high-priced stores you see in any major European city - and the lingering remains of dreadful East bloc architecture on the outskirts of the city.

 Walking through the generous pedestrian zones, Gothic figures stared down from buildings on nearly every corner in addition to gold-filigreed ornaments and lots and lots of cobblestones. Note to self - do not wear your chucks to cities with lots and lots of cobblestones. My feet are killing me. But it was worth it. We saw the Charles Bridge, the Astrological Clock (Death rings the bell every hour) and enjoyed the brilliant October sunshine along with (it seemed like) thousands of others.

We passed by the Kepler Museum (he was born in Regensburg, Germany but he worked here) and the Kafka Museum in addition to the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments and the Sex Machine Museum. I wasn't allowed in the last two (although my interest was definitely piqued by the entry hall exhibits). I'm going to be looking for an art museum nearby to drag my son to, and we'll be doing a grand tour, including the Prague Castle on Wednesday.

And you've got to love a language where the letters are topped by smiles and accenty-things. It's so cheerful even if you don't understand a word. The people are as friendly as their language. Four days is not going to be nearly enough.