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Jul 11, 2012

Rainy Day Blues

I'm on my third cup of jasmine-flavored organic green tea today after a half a pot of coffee this morning. My right shoulder aches and my thumb is twitching - my second bout of butt-in-chair induced pain - that no amount of the German version of Ben Gay ointment is going to cure and it's raining giant slop buckets so I can't go out and dig weeds or do anything...anything. I just threw a whammy into the whole goddarned outline of my fifth (and last, dammit) series book (now up to 20K) while I gather untold amounts of research material for the historical mystery I'm writing next despite being hopelessly intimidated by the historical writing workshop I just took which made me realize just how inadequate I am to even think I can write historical fiction. But I do have a field trip planned for next month :-)) For the day job I've got about two months to 'reacquaint' myself with modeling gravity data which I haven't done since 25 years or so when I wrote my M.S. 

But a few rays of sunshine sent me outside to admire the garden.

you can see why they call it Passion Flower - meet Lavender Lady

Ligularia being hidden by Silphium perfoliatum and white yarrow

rain-spots on roses backed by pink astilbe and weedy agastache

Clematis 'The President' blooming very late this year with companion pink rose disintegrating in the background

Telekia and Veronica coexisting as good neighbors