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Feb 16, 2015

An Interview with me from A. L. Butcher

Alexandra Butcher has graciously agreed to interview me and her questions were very thought-provoking.

The interview takes place on Alexandra's blog, The Library of Erana

I suggest (very loudly but nicely) that you check out her books. From her website:

The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles
A series of adult dark fantasy romance adventures set in the world of Erana, a dark world where magic is forbidden and elves live as slaves beneath the iron grip of the ruling and corrupt Order of Witch-Hunters. Yet despite their best efforts magic still exists, all be it hidden, suppressed or denied.  In book one in this dark world a young elven mage flees for her life, pursued by her former owner, slavers and the Order and encounters a mysterious and powerful man. Together they seek to save an elven child stolen from her home, to avenge the wrongs done and to find some light in the darkness. Secrets, lies, revenge, romance, sex and sorcery fill this adventure.

More information here with references to reviews, progress on the series, and most importantly, links to where you can buy the books. I'm looking forward to reading them.

In addition, Alexandra's widespread interests have resulted in several short stories and an impressive number of interviews with an interesting mix of creative types. Just breeze though the list of her accomplishments in 2014 here to figure out where you want to go next!

My thanks to Alexandra and continued success with writing and learning journey!