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Mar 31, 2015

A Few Words About Spring

March and April are highly intensive times for me as a writer. I tend to hunker down and try to get projects finished and started and thought up. It's also a time for looking outward, into the real world of lawns and flower beds and watching tiny seedlings poke up out of the earth, so I also tend to get easily distracted (squirrel! mouse!).

But here's a short poem from Caitlin anyway until I have something more worthy to send into the world via this blog. For her, spring is waiting - waiting for Hagen to return to her.


Spring is showing some leg, green and sassy
and participating in a fair amount of crocusry
She has my attention now, and not just because
her secrets hold my heart in its prison of anticipation

When will he be back?
Spring has let her hair down, and I am ready
Feet bared and frilly dress airing
For love's footsteps to trample all over me.