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May 3, 2015

Ah, Italia!

Part I of....I don't know yet.

We just returned from our two week trip through Italy, my first real visit to the country and its culture. It was a road trip par excellence, starting in Cologne, going as far south as Pescina, where we attended a geoscience meeting (#FUCINO15). Beginning our return trip, we stopped at Paganica and Onna, two towns with extensive damage from the recent devastating earthquake (L'Aquila 2009). As we worked our way home, we stayed in Perugia, Florence (Firenza), and Piacenza.

Alps from the highway just after the Gotthard tunnel


climbing Lady Banks (?my gest guess) rose at Boboli
View from Boboli Gardens in Firenza (in the rain)

I'll be talking about parts of the trip. But as a warm-up, here is just a taste of Italy in springtime.

Wisteria everywhere in April in Italy

The reward for a hard day's work
Some kind of caterpillars

(Cercis siliquastrum) Judas tree in bloom

Looking across the fault near Pescina

Wallflower living up to its name

Irises near an abandoned church in Paganica

All the good photos by Klaus-G. Hinzen
inner courtyard of Il Magnifico's Basilica in Firenza

crossing the bridge to Firenza's center