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Jun 2, 2013

The Schattenreich series, A Tale of Druids, Seismology and an Evil Blonde and the Moonlight Special

Does anyone remember this?
The infamous Blue Light

 I do. I remember it used to scare the crap out of me when being dragged around Kmart when I was a kid. But my dad claims that everything, even space, scared me when I was little. For me, space was apparently not the final frontier, but the source of nightmares. I don't remember this. At least not much. My father told anyone and everyone about it (and still does), and I quote, "Sharon always used to wake up screaming, 'the space is taking me,' when she was little." Well, yeah. Didn't every kid? No? Oh, well.

Space is frightening when you're only two feet tall.

The Blue Light Special was effective in getting your attention, at least mine, but not in a good way.

So I tried to think of what would be the appropriate Blue Light Special for the Schattenreich series. But in a good way. There are two moons in the Schattenreich. And currently two books out. So instead of a blinking, scary, loud blue light, I offer muted,only moderately creepy moonlight.

And the following Moonlight Specials for June: the Kindle version of the first two books in the Schattenreich series.

From June 1 - June 13. Primary Fault. On sale on Amazon worldwide. price is $0.99 (Prices are adjusted according to your currency for Amazon outlets outside the U.S.)

"If you enjoy the occult, paranormal adventure, romance, police procedural, suspense, murder and many mixtures of each, this is the work you are looking for. Well-spaced and easy to read, Primary Fault would be a great addition to your library." ~Leslie Wright from TicToc.

FREE from June 05 to June 09, 2013. Shaky Ground. Currently exclusive to Amazon worldwide.

What readers have said:

"The plot not only thickens, it vibrates."

"Shaky Ground is solid and satisfying."

 "An intricate pleasing puzzle."

photo credit: Luz Adriana Villa A. via photopin cc
photo credit: Patrick Hoesly via photopin cc