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Jun 18, 2013

Women on Wednesday Interview

Reproduced below is my interview with the Pubslush blog Women on Wednesday feature. Pubslush is an interesting and potentially useful crowdfunding concept that also contributes to increasing literacy (focused on children) with giving partners (for example, Flying Kites in Kenya). They are a hybrid corporation (that is, they have both profit and non-profit status.) I am not affiliated with Pubslush and have no experience with their publishing arms and therefore cannot say anything about them, either good or bad, but they included an interview with me on their website and I'm grateful for that. My advice is, if you are interested in such a venture and want to be a part of their team, look at the terms carefully, and then ask them for more details before entering into any binding agreement - which you do even if you submit to them.

Here's the link to the interview, and again, my appreciation to Genevieve Little of Pubslush for including me.