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Dec 17, 2013

Double Couple: the ebook is out!

The ebook version of Double Couple is available in ebook form at Amazon worldwide* and can already be pre-ordered at Kobo (nd also from Indigo!). Other etailers will soon have it available (B&N, Sony, ebookPie, scribd, for example).

Book 3 of the Schattenreich

Wizard Tower Press will soon have the first three books in the Schattenreich. Please check back with them and also browse some of their other very fine books!

*The link goes to If your Kindle account is in a different Amazon-Land (e.g., U.K., Germany, Australia, to name just a few), click through to the appropriate store to find the listing for Double Couple.

Also new! The ebook for Shaky Ground, Book 2 of the Schattenreich, is now available at Kobo and will soon be available at other etailers including Nook and Sony.