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Dec 3, 2013

The Schattenreich: Cast of Characters for Book 1 and Book 2

Below is a list of major characters for the first (Primary Fault) and second  (Shaky Ground) books of the Schattenreich series. Note: these are (for the most part) NON-SPOILER descriptions. They are roughly listed in order of appearance but not of importance - now THAT would be a spoiler.

I will be adding separate character lists for the later volumes that do contain spoilers!

  • Caitlin Schwarzbach: our hero, geophysicist, data expert
  • Augustus (Gus) Schwarzbach: seismologist extraordinaire, executive director of the B.E.A.R. institute
  • Ankou, Death: Breton Celtic psychopomp. Caitlin's biggest fear
  • Dagmar Abel: beautiful, blonde, evil
  • Kilhian ar C'hoed: French businessman, interested in acquiring things
  • Antonio Delling: technician at the B.E.A.R. institute
  • Jacqueline Camp: Gus's Ph.D. student
  • Cathubodua: aka The Morrigan among other names, triple Celtic war and fertility deity
  • Cernunnos: Lord of the Hunt aka The Horned One, Celtic deity, has some nasty hell hounds, rules over a sizable portion of Ande-dubnos
  • Samantha Eschweiler: Gus's next-door neighbor, Caitlin's friend, has four kids
  • Anna Sturm: television reporter, likes Gus
  • Eduard Hall, the Burg Lahn chauffeur
  • Hagen von der Lahn: archeologist, baron of Burg Lahn, lethally handsome
  • Heinrich von der Lahn: likes leather, plays guitar, singer-songwriter
  • Erich von der Lahn: paternal uncle to Hagen and Heinrich 
  •  Richard Eschweiler: Samantha's estranged husband
  • Professor Joachim Lohmann: nemesis, professor at the Uni Cologne
  • Dr. J├╝rgen Vogel: nemesis, Cologne city manager
  • Susanna Wilting-Boxberg: Burg Lahn neighbor
  • Leslie James: historian, colleague of Hagen von der Lahn
  • Hauptkommissar Miriam Richter: detective, Cologne Police, murder and serious crimes
  • Hauptkommissar Horst Schmitz: detective, Cologne Police, Frau Richter's sidekick
  • Sebastian von der Lahn: gourmet cook, runs Burg Lahn
  • Bertha von der Lahn: Sebastian's half sister, actress, playwright